Sustainable Design Deliverables 2: Ux Analysis

Second in our series exploring how sustainability might be incorporated into the web and related design processes for the virtual world, we consider early-stage User Experience, or Ux documents. As a discipline, Ux is relatively new, first emerging in the early 2000s with Jesse James Garrett’s classic Elements of User Experience. In this book, Garrett […]

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Sustainable Web Design Deliverables #1: Design Briefs

The first deliverable we are going to consider is often the starting point for design project in graphic and web design, a “Design Brief” or “Creative Brief.” While these vary quite a bit, they have the following general structure (leaving out budgeting): Introductory Paragraph About the Company Providing the Service Client Features and Client Goals […]

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Sustainable Web Design in Ux, Ui, and ID Deliverables

Let the fall season begin! Over the next several weeks, I plan to discuss how Sustainable Virtual Design thinking can be embedded in standard web documentation. While the “space” of deliverables in a web design project can be quite large, I am going to focus on those that fall in the broad categories from Jesse […]

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Old Browsers and Cultural Coding

Following our discussion of the need to support IE6 for a significant group in China, let’s consider the general issue of old browsers and code. Thanks to polyfills, browsers at IE6 levels of sophistication can be “pumped up” to modern HTML5 rendering. But should we? One result of polyfilling our way to modernity is that […]

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Why you may have to continue supporting IE6

Part of sustainable design thinking includes managing development effort. On one hand, the “include everyone” feature of most sustainability guidelines implies that we should support the “browser challenged” – users with old browsers or limited hardware and software (e.g. old mobile phones). On the other hand, development – and the constant maintenance required for websites […]

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Ux is not always sustainable (and how it could be)

User Experience (Ux) has become an important part of web design and development workflow, and is highly effective at making websites usable by their intended audience. But does usability imply sustainability? Are there any significant points where a Ux perspective will lead the site – or the user – into less sustainable practices online? The […]

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Web Page “Diets” for Summer Reading

In the following, I’ve listed a few interesting articles for summer reading. Some try to differentiate sustainability from WPO, while others show how to get the low-hanging fruit of basic WPO into sites. Improving Website Performance, non WPO We still have a problem differentiating web sustainability from simple Web Performance optimization. Here are a couple […]


Online Accelerators and Web Sustainability

Continuing the discussion from the last post, let’s look at the growing horde of online software tools or “accelerators” that are being used in web design. While no GUI web editors produce complete web design (meaning that they effectively support things like “Mobile First,” “Progressive Enhancement,” usability and accessibility) exists, there are plenty of smaller […]

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“Pushbutton” design and “Web editor” sustainability

During the 20+ year history of the web, there have been several waves of “push-button” website generators online. Unlike graphic design, there has never been a definitive GUI editor for the web (no “Photoshop for the web” tool), and professional web work has stubbornly remained in the HTML/CSS/JavaScript namespace. Looking from Adobe Creative suite, legions […]

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Device Testing and Device Labs, and the device apocalypse

One of the challenges of sustainable design is support for old devices. We are supposed to be “future friendly” but also “past friendly” in our work. While many emulators exist for different devices, they do not give completely accurate information. This is particularly true of mobile devices, on which the same browser and OS give […]

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