Using the Web Index to Enhance Site Sustainability

Sustainable Virtual Design is about more than energy efficiency. This point has been made many times, but today’s post will concern a way of integrating non-WPO (Web Performance Optimization) data into a workflow to measure progress in sustainability. The data will come from Tim-Beners-Lee (yes, the founder of the World Wide Web) Web Index. […]

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PHP 7 and JavaScript Optimizations using PGO

Despite the proliferation of NodeJS, PHP is still very widely used on the Internet, and recent changes in the lastest version (PHP 7) have improved performance, and indirectly sustainability. However, they require that the engine be recompiled for the particular server where it is going to be used. This is Performance-Guided Optimization, or PGO. The […]

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New Web Carbon Footprint Calculators

It’s been a great week for quantifying Sustainable Virtual Design – new “carbon footprint calculators” are coming online. Here are a few worth checking out. PageWeight “Weighs” your web page, and compares to other sites. Allows designers and developers to determine if their design is going overboard into bloatware. Carbon Analytics A good first-pass […]

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Guest Post – Crucial Mistakes When Creating a Logo

Today’s post is a guest post from Brian Jens, a graphic designer, working for DesignContest. Here, we see an example of how visual design tips can have sustainability added into them. I’ve highlighted where sustainable ideas were added to a description of logo design. This post highlights that sustainable design is about more than Web Performance […]

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Will Virtual Reality Damage the Earth?

Recently, Venturebeat interviewed Jason Paul, the general manager of Nvidia’s gaming, and VR business. During the interview, Paul noted that current consumer PCs often aren’t powerful enough to run VR, and less than 25 million PCs will be able to run VR the “right way” in 2016. How much more powerful do they need to […]

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Google AMP, and Dependency Graphs for Improved WPO

This morning’s post concerns a couple of recent projects promise improvements in web efficiency. Both of these projects address web complexity – the steady rise in ever more elaborate web pages and associated Software as a Service (Saas) APIs. As discussed elsewhere, web pages just keep getting bigger and bulkier. Source: The average mobile […]

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Client-Heavy vs CMS (server-heavy) Sustainability

In the previous couple of posts, I looked at areas where CMS-based websites might differ from sites built by other means, in terms of their sustainability. Looking at Standard and Permaculture frameworks, it seems to me that there are a few issues that strongly determine the sustainability of CMS systems, compared to other websites. But […]

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Are Content Management Systems (CMS) Sustainable? Permaculture Models

In our last post, we considered how Content Management Systems (CMS) might differ from other websites in terms of sustainability, using a standard set of sustainability goals put forth by Nate Shredoff. In this post, we consider CMS systems following the rules of Permaculture models. Why Permaculture? Compared to the standard formulation, Permaculture models consider […]

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Are Content Management Systems (CMS) Sustainable?

Happy New Year! This post begins an outline of some topics I will be discussion at the Sustainable Ux conference next month, namely the sustainability of systems like the one I’m using now, WordPress. Compared to the static web of 15 years ago, Content Management Systems (CMS) have different features, each of which can have […]

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Lack of a Print Stylesheet Damages the Earth

Well, as Adobe Muse has slowly improved (and made it harder to for Graphic Designers to make print-like, high-carbon-footprint web designs), the new enemy on the block to web sustainability becomes lousy CSS strategy. In particular, websites, especially blogging sites, that don’t support a proper print stylesheet damage the Earth. Case in point. I was […]



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