Q: What is Sustainable Virtual Design About?

A: It’s about design in the virtual realm (web, casual games, virtual worlds) that is sensitive to and addresses those “sustainability” issues we done heard tell about.

A: Sustainability means that the things you create don’t degrade their space so it’s lost to the future. At present, there’s no real concern about the Internet versus paper in terms of environment. There’s concern for Hummers, but none for massive “Hummer” gamer rigs. This is about to change.

A: Sustainable Virtual Design is about resource and energy sources and utilization. Sustainability needs to be in the games on your computer or on the web, websites, back-end servers, networks, clouds, CMS systems, web-based programming patterns. It’s quantitative – one has to ‘do the numbers’ to find out if a concept, business model, server farm or programming framework are really sustainable.

A: Sustainable Virtual Design is about creating a company environment and infrastructure in web/interactive that reflects sustainability principles. In other words, its about social organization within the company.

A: Sustainable Virtual Design is about production – developing teams and environments that address sustainability in their projects, in a manner to that already found in industrial design, interior design, and graphic design. In other words, it is relevant to decision-makers and business development.

A: Sustainable Virtual Design creates a user experience that embodies sustainability. In other words, it is relevant to UX, but not a direct ideological statement.

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