Q: What is Sustainable Virtual Design Not About?

A: It is NOT “green” ideology. This isn’t a holier than thou badge you wear. It’s not smug.

A: It is NOT creating web pages with green backgrounds – its about the website, the game, the network it lives on, and the audience interaction, and their impact in the larger system.

A: It is not working for clients with “green” projects, or those that reflect “green” ideology.

A: In other words, it’s more than Art Direction. It’s not an art director’s snob agenda.

A: On the other hand, firms in web design, marketing, casual games or virtual worlds using the Sustainable Virtual Design principles are a good bet for “Green” or “Blue” (Bob Isherwood of Saatchi & Saatchi) design of brand identity. A virtual designer following Sustainable Virtual Design will be the best artist for your project. A “Green” designer will just give you biophillic propaganda.

A: But it shouldn’t be a “greenwash”. Wearing the right colors or symbols doesn’t make you sustainable – any more than strapping on Rosary beads makes you religious.

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