Is the Energy Cloud like the Data Cloud?

An interesting quote from AMD about the relationship between cloud computing and distributed power generation. Distributed power in the future might come from a variety of sources, including those that are variable like wind and solar. The idea is that cloud servers would shift computing tasks away from energy-poor locations to those with more available energy at the time.

Telling quote from AMD Corporate Vice President of Research and Advanced Development. I’m not convinced. Electricity loss over distance and relays is significant – easily a big chunk of total power generated. In contrast, information can be collected perfectly over noisy (read low-power) channels with perfect precision. The analogy is superficial.

“The distributed computing model of the cloud parallels the distributed power-generation model of solar and wind energy. Directing power to data centers from these emerging renewable energy resources without relying on a large-scale, traditional electrical grid is a key challenge. One ultimate goal is the co-location of dynamic energy resources with dynamic computing resources to improve the economics, performance and environment benefits of both infrastructures.”

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