State of the Web, in Speed Terms

Here’s a great little post from Strangeloop, a WPO company, on the current speed of the web.

The site also has a neat infographic poster for download:

A few other interesting features:

  • It takes about 10 seconds to load a “transaction” website (e.g. one with features like e-commerce)
  • IE9 is loading faster than Firefox and chrome
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN) have hardly any effect on speed – reduced downloads are the benefit here
  • The top 100 sites are slower than the top 1000, due to more HTTP requests
  • The average web page is about 10% slower than it was in 2010

Now, many of these tests were conducted in IE7, which is not a modern browser, and newer browsers load sites about 30% faster. But it’s clear than increases in browser speed are being soaked up by more bloated pages. We’ll need to fix this issue with design, not engineering.

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