iSkeleton and other sustainability options for web page design

I ran across a great post today on sustainable web page design – in particular one that provides a formal strategy for optimizing web images, especially those used in CSS sprites – the iSkeleton Framework:

In particular, iSkeleton focuses on static web images used in CSS backgrounds. Here are the steps:

  1. Collect images
  2. Convert to CSS Sprites using a tool like
  3. Convert CSS sprites to Basd64 Encoding with a tool like:
  4. Add them to a JavaScript file like the one in the iSkeleton framework
  5. Mimnify JavaScript and CSS

What’s great about this blog, as opposed to many on Web Performance Optimization (WPO) is that the author, Dilip Bhatt, is aware of the larger sustainability issues associated with efficient web code.

Here’s another post with another element of Sustainable Virtual Design – a summary of methods used to make a web page faster:

In this post, the author does something to what I’ve recommended as part of a “Sustainability Mission Statement” – in other words, you describe the steps by which you optimize your web page to a lower carbon footprint.


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