Sustainable Web W3C Group launched

There’s a new community group on W3C devoted to the Sustainable Web.

At present, this group is for discussion. The state of Sustainable Virtual Design is such that we have to spend some time developing ideas about sustainable workflow, how Web Performance does (or does not) connect to sustainability, trade-offs in design and development, and sustainability calculators like the MightyBytes green crawler EcoGrader.

In the long run, this group might evolve into an organization which sets standards. Unlike industrial design and architecture, the Sustainable Web doesn’t have agreed-on metrics. There is no way to certify a web developer as understanding sustainability, as the LEED system does for architecture. Ideally, this will change, so that the designer/developer in 2020 will have sustainability experience as part of their resume.

If you’re interested in the topic, join the W3C group, and add your two cents!



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