New articles on Sustainable Web Design!

Tim Frick at MightyBytes forwarded two new articles on A List Apart that just appeared, concerning Sustainable Web Design:

James Christie

Doris Peters

If you’ve been reading this blog, or the one over at MightyBytes you’re probably aware of many of these ideas. If not, welcome, and time to research! Check the numerous and weakly curated links on this blog for more information. In particular, learn how sustainable design differs from Web Performance Optimization (WPO). WPO is a start, but not the finish of sustainability, which takes in larger issues of design workflow, green offices and data centers, SEO that helps rather than hurts, and thinking about code maintainability that does not lead to “lock-in.” Check your own site with MightyByte’s EcoGrader.

I’m always looking for collaborators on my Green Boilerplate project – a Modernizr-like system that includes sustainability tests. Right now I code in splendid isolation but welcome interest and contributions (nope, not on GitHub yet).

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