Sustainable Web Design in Ux, Ui, and ID Deliverables

Let the fall season begin! Over the next several weeks, I plan to discuss how Sustainable Virtual Design thinking can be embedded in standard web documentation. While the “space” of deliverables in a web design project can be quite large, I am going to focus on those that fall in the broad categories from Jesse James Garrett’s book The Elements of User Experience:

  • Strategy Plane – Site goals for client and user
  • Scope Plane – Site information and feature inventory, updates, information flows
  • Structure – Abstract organization of content via a taxonomy
  • Skeleton – Layout of content in a user interface
  • Surface – Visual design, identity, typography, color palette

Some examples include:

  • Concept and Goals
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • Content Inventory/Audit
  • User Experience (Ux)
  • Interaction Design (ID)
  • User Interface (Ui)
  • SEO

Posts will each discuss these non-website deliverables, and the points in which sustainability thinking can enhance the concept or representation.

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