Some Green Hosting and WPO Resources

Back from the year-end holiday, and right with new sustainable web developments…

The Green Web Foundation

A great new resource! A key feature of Sustainable Web Design is “sourcing” – meaning that our materials should be renewable. In a virtual world, resources are services rather than physical objects, for example web hosting. The energy efficiency of web hosting is a major factor in the overall “carbon footprint” of design, but it is difficult for designers to comb exhaustively through lists to determine if their hosts are truly “green.”

To this end, the Green Web Foundation has created a downloadable app that you can use to find your host’s green score.

To my thinking, this is a great step forward. Designers are used to using online tools to accelerate their development process, and including sustainability in design workflow requires that we can quickly check on sustainability of each element in the workflow.

Green Web Hosting

A few additional articles of interest with respect to “green” web hosting show that interest in a green design theory for the Internet and web is rising. Clearly, most web hosts now regard sustainability as a way to value-add their service away from being a commodity, as is apparent from recent reviews of green hosting services.

In addition, mainstream sites like PC World now list sustainability as a factor in web choices

Awesome WPO

After sourcing, making a website more efficient is the most important thing designers and developers can do. A great summary for Web Performance Optimization (WPO) may be found at:

We’re still waiting for the pure design view here – in other words, how do we design to prevent high-impact issues in websites ever come up? Still waiting….

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