Green Websites on the Rise (accd. to the Green Web Foundation, that is…)

Sorry for the long delays – I’ve been rebuilding my portfolio site according to ‘sustainable web design’ practices and it is taking a lot of time!

A few notes on web sustainability:

First a report on the “most green” websites by country, with (according to the article) Germany is the winner:

The interesting part is that the site provides an API into their “green host” database that could be checked as part of a sustainable deisgn strategy:

The Green Web Foundation Badge

And, a bit of “social shaming” – if you check your site and the Green Web Foundation search engine returns a negative result, you can put a “sad” icon on your site!

The Green Web Foundation Sad Badge for non green websites

One wishes for a big of information on HOW green hosting is scored. Copy on the site implies that it is mostly energy use (including carbon offsets). However, without some access to the site’s info, it isn’t clear how things are being weighed. The site notes that its dataset is used by EcoGrader.


  1. Yes Pete, we used the GWF API for version 2.0 of Ecograder. It was much more efficient and comprehensive than tracking green providers ourselves. The API also allowed us to give different points to those providers that use RECs versus those with direct renewable energy sources (the latter naturally being worth more points). Their database is still not a global representation of all hosts, however. They are based in Sweden so there are more European providers represented than other areas of the world. The database also relies on providers entering their own information, so it’s difficult to police. But it’s a great start and RenĂ© Post over there has been a wonderful partner.

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