New eBook on Website Optimization

Here’s a link to an ebook which combines several of the techniques used for Web Performance Optimization (WPO) in one place with a clear reading style:

Topics Include:

  1. Measuring Performance (Web Console and other Tools)
  2. Optimizing Images
  3. Reducing HTTP Requests
  4. Improving delivery (e.g Gzip and HTTP Caching)
  5. CSS and JS Optimization

These topics have been covered before, but the organization and presentation of the ebook may make it easier to introduce sustainable concepts to your team.

One excellent feature of this summary is a Trello board with a checklist. One problem with web sustainability has been its absence from workflows – it has typically been seen as a post-design, post-development step. Integration into workflow, as discussed in other posts here, is a key feature of web sustainability.

The eBook was created by Git Tower, an app for Git-based version control.





    1. Right you are, and not just optimization! The inclusion of a Trello board puts optimization into workflow, rather than treating it that something “the engineers” can do after we finish our design. As Nathan Shredoff said in his book of the same name, “Design is the Problem: The Future of Design is Sustainable”. This resource is scads better than the typical WPO discussion, which sadly is often engineer-speak unrelated to design and front-end dev issues.

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