Sustainable Web Manifesto Finally Out!

Yay. The group that came together for the Sustainable Ux conference, plus some more, has finally released their “sustainable web manifesto”. Like the “Principles of Good Design” by Dieter Rams back in the day, it lists a set of guidelines for design in the sustainable web. 

I haven’t been as active lately in this area (new job) so I was pleasantly surprised to see my name listed. Here’s the full list:

Andrew Boardman (Manoverboard), Mike Gifford (OpenConcept), Tim Frick (Mightybytes), Jack Amend (Web Neutral Project), Matt Hocking (Leap), Jack Lenox (Susty WP), René Post (Green Web Foundation), Chris Adams (Product Science), James Christie (Sustainable UX), Jerome Toole (Wholegrain Digital), Chris Butterworth (Wholegrain Digital), Tom Greenwood (Wholegrain Digital), Josh Stopper (Wholegrain Digital), Alex Hughes (Wholegrain Digital), Pete Markiewicz (Pindie Space)

Hmmm, these should have been Hyperlinked!

These principles are similar to the principles of “sustainable virtual design” I articulated a decade ago, with some good updates:

  1. Clean – use renewable power for servers, network, and end-user hardware
  2. Efficient – Ux designers should see minimizing use of online resources and user time as a design goal
  3. Open – accessible content, plus user control of data (not part of what I originally thought!)
  4. Honest – products and services should not mislead or exploit (restatement of Dieter Rams)
  5. Regenerative – design products and services that support overall ‘sustainable world’ goals

Site Developer: 


  1. How about the inclusion of underrepresented groups, vulnerable groups and their data? There is a huge equality gap, for example.

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