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Compress PDFs and PowerPoints – Another Way to Improve Efficiency

Part of Sustainable Virtual Design includes compressing images and media for swifter delivery. Standard WPO includes compression of “rich media” as one of its schemes. Combine images with CSS “sprites” using tools like Spritepad Compress images Serve images adjusted to size of end user display Specify image width and height in HTML Replace bitmap formats […]

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Dotcom-Monitor Pushes Past WPO Into Sustainability

I received a message from Clay Northcutt at Dotcom-Monitor ( to check out their service, and after a survey I’ve decided that their site provides a starting point for a discussion of how to implement Sustainable Virtual Design. There are two things of interest. First off, most monitoring services are aimed at large companies and […]

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Why Web Efficiency (WPO) and Search (SEO) are Design Features

Many of my posts have been about the ability to do a “deep rollback” – meaning that Web Performance (WPO) insights need to be able to influence the overall design of the site. In contrast, most sites today have significant Ux input at the initial design levels, but once a high-resolution prototype is created, it […]

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What Your Website Costs the World in Dollars and Cents

In the spirit of the 30th anniversary of the first “.com” domain (, it is worth considering how much accessing a .com costs. Many designers spend most of their web time on desktops, where the Internet service is usually “flat rate” – a fixed amount per month. In contrast, most mobile Internet access is metered, […]

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Responsive Logo Design and Sustainability

A couple of years ago I wrote about the notion of “deep rollback” – meaning that processes at the end of design workflow (e.g. site engineering, web performance optimization) should be able to feed back and cause adjustments in design. In that post, I also discussed the notion that a sustainable visual designer had […]

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How does Digital Marketing Affect Web Sustainability?

In the past couple of years, we’ve seen a fusion between traditional marketing, and web technology, increasingly called “Digital Marketing.” It’s time to consider this so-hot-right-now “big idea” in terms of its effect on web sustainability. Why is Online Marketing Relevant to Web Design? When we go from Marketing to Digital Marketing (DM), we immediately […]

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What have we learned about Sustainable Web Design? – A summary of what to do…

This post is a summary of the various topics this blog has covered since inception, with some short, “take-home” conclusions about sustainability theory as applied to the web, games, and other interactive systems. Sustainable Virtual Design Principles Core Concept: Sustainable web design meets the current needs of its users, without compromising the ability of those needs […]

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Some Green Hosting and WPO Resources

Back from the year-end holiday, and right with new sustainable web developments… The Green Web Foundation A great new resource! A key feature of Sustainable Web Design is “sourcing” – meaning that our materials should be renewable. In a virtual world, resources are services rather than physical objects, for example web hosting. The energy efficiency […]

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Sustainable Design Deliverables 2: Ux Analysis

Second in our series exploring how sustainability might be incorporated into the web and related design processes for the virtual world, we consider early-stage User Experience, or Ux documents. As a discipline, Ux is relatively new, first emerging in the early 2000s with Jesse James Garrett’s classic Elements of User Experience. In this book, Garrett […]

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Sustainable Web Design Deliverables #1: Design Briefs

The first deliverable we are going to consider is often the starting point for design project in graphic and web design, a “Design Brief” or “Creative Brief.” While these vary quite a bit, they have the following general structure (leaving out budgeting): Introductory Paragraph About the Company Providing the Service Client Features and Client Goals […]

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