A New Sustainable Web Design Podcast and Book from A Book Apart

Interesting listening!

Constant Variables Episode 74: Creating Sustainable Digital Products with Tom Greenwood of Wholegrain Digital

“…Every Google search you do affects the environment, and Tom Greenwood, Managing Director at Wholegrain Digital and author of Sustainable Web Design, joins the show to chat about the issues of web sustainability. He shares techniques and processes for making digital products more sustainable, as well as gives advice on how to be a champion for sustainable tech within your company and with your clients…”

Here’s the transcript:


Constant Variables is coming from the Jed Mahonis Group, presented by Tim Bornholdt, who has been developing an increasing interest in sustainable virtual design:


Tom Greenwood’s information:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomgreenwood/?originalSubdomain=uk

His new book on Sustainable Web Design:


Here is Tom’s blog post on his new book, describing motivation and intent: https://www.wholegraindigital.com/blog/sustainable-web-design-book

What I’m really happy about is that this book addresses sustainability metrics for design. Typical “green design” discussions are usually a list of how to stop using paper, and some soft rules of thumb for the office.

This book joins Tim Frick’s earlier book on the subject, Designing For Sustainability:

And an earlier episode from the podcast…

Constant Variables Episode 73: The Effects of Technology on the Environment

In this episode, Tim chats about the impact our digital world has on our physical world. Using an Uber thought experiment, you will learn how tech affects energy consumption, which parts of your phone consume the most energy, what our power grid looks like, and how we store energy.

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